A word from Andrea

I personally invite each of you to partner with HYDF as we continue to build our legacies by empowering and uplifting one another. We are cultivating a new generation of collaborative healers who recognize and embrace their holistic and intuitive abilities. Our goals are as follows :

  • our own retreat center to facilitate healing trauma and clearing generational curses for ourselves and future generations

  • educate all people on healthy feminism with the goal of eradicating the need for feminism.

  • be a solid foundation for strong healthy families and communities to spring from.

Our purpose is to end marginalization of women and children by providing programs that promote empowerment, entrepreneurship and elegance. Our programs include retreats, workshops and classes based on the concept that "When you give a woman and opportunity you are giving her the world."

I am always so honored to share energy and experiences with each of you. Fall retreat registration is open!!! Please register today with a deposit. 20 people max this year.

Remember that wellness is our greatest legacy!! I look forward to hearing from you.


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