Accessing Your Intuition

What is the one word of advice I would give to access your intuition?

After years of studying and teaching I have discovered one secret in using your intuition. Stop trying. The harder your try to farther away from the target you get. This really goes with any goal. Set intention, make a plan, do it with joy in your heart. Ego has no place in intuition. This is what makes you question yourself.

Use your tools. Cards, crystals, journaling, whatever makes you happy. Practicing with your tools assists in cultivating your confidence and your intuition. Be in allowance of channeling. This really is just your guides stepping in to speak for you. So yay. Encourage yourself when channeling happens. This will happen when you least expect it and when you totally need the correct words.

Talking to people assists your intuition as well. Psychics who " don't like people" tend to struggle a little more. Here is the news. You are people. Embrace your humanity and love yourself. Live in this order. Yourself, Family and Community.

This concept facilitates entrepreneurship, elegance and empowerment. This is is the bridge to self actualization. Self actualized people are clear natural channels. They typically reach goals and show appreciation for the beauty around them.

Hold awareness and patience for yourselves and others.


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