Celebrating Our Mistakes

Every successful person in life has made mistakes; usually big epic ones. Funny how most of us hide our mistakes like we should be some super human perfect being who already knew how to be married, raise kids, work and job, manage a business and a household at birth.

What a myth we tell ourselves every day. The reality is if I let my mistakes stop me I would never have created any of my businesses or have any of my successes.

There was a time I would just beat my own self up when I made a mistake. I have taken on the perspective of wow, that was a learning experience. I found out that what I do not want or what does not work. Thank you Spirit.

When a awkward mistake happens I simply say " thank you for your patience while we work the kinks out". This normally smooths the energy out and forward progress can be made.

Celebrate your journey. Even little steps. Everyday. With every journey there will be mistakes. Laugh at them. Observe how you still got there and how you likely needed the education or circumstance.

Acknowledge how really there are no mistakes. Only beautiful journeys.

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