Crisis Soup

My prayer this year is that we stop stirring and creating crisis soup. Stop adding crisis ingredients to our society. Self sabotage is the main ingredient. How do we transmute all of this entities that we hate so? The answer is simple. That is not how we stop the crisis soup. We simply should add better ingredients. Are we adding over spending? Or choosing oneself first? Add self worth to your soup of life. Waiting on a perfect spouse? Or are you building your empire? Add entrepreneurship to your soup? Are we adding health to your soup? Or illness? Are we eating lack and illness in our soup? Or life, and bliss? Stop adding crappy ingredients to your life.

You can throw the entire pot of soup out at anytime and start over at anytime with heathy ingredients for your mind, body, and spirit. Be aware on the daily what you are adding to your consciousness that creates the soup of our lives.

Im here for you all. I would love to be a part of your soup.

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