Psychic vs. Gypsy

So funny story. As a kid every year I wanted to dress up like a gypsy. LOL I guess spirit was speaking back then. My grandmother had the old fashioned clip on earrings. I would adorn myself with all the jewels, scarfs, makeup, and whatever else my free spirited heart could find.

Actually the word gypsy is pretty derogatory. This stigma from the old days stands true today. This is where the "I got gyped" statement originates. The idea that the gypsy's rolled through down and sold you some fools gold or some bad tonic. By the time the business deal is found out as bad the gypsy's have been long gone out of town.

Over the year the term has become rather glamorous like some sort of freedom and magic to young girls. Last week I met a friend for dinner after work. As I walked up to him he said "gypsy" and then hugged me. Honestly I really embrace the magic of the term. I figure every industry has "bad seeds". Personally I hold myself accountable to study and heal myself so that I will be service to my family and my community.

I teach my psychic students to view themselves as healers. I give them the affirmation to say " everything I do today I do as a healer. "

That is the difference between a gypsy and a psychic. A good psychic is a healer who is in progress of healing themselves and and the world around them. A good psychic is worth the investment. A gypsy works under solid ego and often the messages come out negative, scary, and in general makes no sense. A psychic assists you in activating your own healing and your own intuition.

With that I hope each one of you reaches out to a healer they trust. Asking for assistance is often times the hardest part. I encourage each of you to reach out to a healer if you are feeling stuck, depressed, or in dis-ease.

Happy Healing to All

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