Ego Vs. Opinion

The number one mistake intuitive people make is speaking from opinion and not from spirit. We all have experiences and wisdom to pull from; we also should be open to deliver messages that may not make sense to us personally.

A daily practice and intention setting of removing ego a key to successful intuition.

What is ego? Ego is what keeps us on earth. What tells us to take a shower, pay the power bill, get our hair done; basically earthly stuff. Taking care of self on the earthly plain is important. I know that my earthly plain self care allows me to offer programs and services to my clients at the highest vibe available.

I have many opinions. Opinions are based on many things. Culture, upbringing, experiences, education and likely various other elements that have cultivated my personality. When I am talking to people I will often "put the hat on" in which I am speaking from. I will say "well my opinion is......" or "as a woman...." or "intuitively this is what I am getting". Then let the message fall out of your mouth. Even if it does not make sense to you. That really is the key to successful intuition. Removing ego and logic and allowing the messages to flow.

Let me know how this awareness assists you in your dreams.


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