Empowering New Habits. Five Best Practices

So now we are in a new year. We kicked 2020 out the door like an ex that just wouldn't leave. Now what? Still changes to be made, we are still standing and those goals keep eyeing us. They are not going away. While I have no idea what 2021 will look like I know life will keep going, the world will keep spinning. Here are the best practices in creating positive movement in your lives.

  1. Do this for you and only you. Any other reason will fail. Know you are worth it. Look your family and friends in the eye and just say what you are doing and why. " Im doing this to feel better." " Im doing this to save my life." "Im living in the manner of self, family, and community."

  2. Habits take 90-120 days to produce positive change. Be patient with yourself and your support system. They will understand what you are doing when they see positive change. Then you will be a inspiration to them and they will make positive changes too. This process is only awkward for like a month. Just roll with it and do what you gotta do for you.

  3. Affirm your goal. Talk to yourself as if you have reached your goal. Thank spirit for the goal being reached. Here are some examples. "Thank you for my savings account. " "Thank you for my healthy body" "Thank you for my strong healthy." "Thank you for my healthy loving relationships." Your cells hear your instruction.

  4. Move your home around. Donate, sell, throw away clothes and junk that you will not use or wear. This shifts energy in your home, which shifts your subconscious. This is likely 90% of goal attainment.

  5. Reach out for help. See a healer or coach or someone to talk with. This is so helpful in organizing your head and heart. Once you start organizing your head and heart you can see and hear clearly your next steps.

I hope every single one of reaches goals this year.

I love to hear from each of you. Reach out via email or social media. Im hear for you.

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