Otherwise known as a distant dream or something scary. Im gonna break down the most important concepts of the BIG E.

Do what you love. If you are starting a business for the primary reason of making money please stop. This is simply ego in your head. Offer a service you are passionate about and that you love. That is the foundation of all great businesses.

You are always both a student and a teacher. That is crazy vulnerable. Vulnerability is perhaps one of my our greatest strengths as humans

Be open to all people. All People. Even the ones who trigger you. They are your greatest teachers.

Keep going. Make tweaks. Keep going. Even when you make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself, make some behavior modifications and keep going.

Always Always Always listen to your intuition.

The number one reason why entrepreneurs fail... Ready???? Ok, entrepreneurs simply do not like people. We are all anxiety ridden train wrecks who love our alone time. Yup, its true. Even me. Here is the thing, you are people. People need people and people need your services. Embrace all the mess of humanity and rock your business!!!

I hope this was touched you in some way.

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