How To Make Actual Steps In Life

So I have been a mentor, coach, psychic, friend, side bitch, ride or die girl, sista and so many other roles for many many people. My findings include this. We all want the same thing. We are all really more the same then different.

And guess what? We all have one or two issues that we just keep "circling the drain " When I go for a reading, healing or otherwise I ask similar questions every time. Just like my clients. I have been talking to spirit about how to stop "circling the drain" with the same questions and or problems in life.

Here is what spirit said " the generations what cultivate the most change are the most tortured." Well thank you spirit for all that uplifting clarity. Those that create the most change for themselves and others have soooo much courage. Creating a new path for yourself is scary as fuck. Do it anyway. Your kids are watching. Your parents are watching. Your ancestors are watching. You want them to see you settle? What is that saying? You can make all your dreams come true. I can assist you in that and work with you guides, angels and ancestors.

If you want to cultivate healing, break generational curses, and get your health back reach out to me.

Here is my latest Youtube Vlog

Love Love Love you all in crazy miraculous ways.


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