I got a 47$ Hotel Room

Well I have learned so much about humanity and such this year. I want share with you my experience with a 47$ room. Here is what I learned

  1. Remove ego, follow your intuition. My ego would have never allowed me to stay in a less than perfect room. I removed my ego, listened to my guides and went for it. I was able to cross over a sad soul.

  2. The people who you share a vacation with matter. Nothing else matters. If you are with the right people your attitude changes and what once mattered simply fades into the background.

  3. Old hotels are spooky, fun, and often times offer more privacy and the staff are totally there for you!!

  4. Myself and my date? Well we got the best of both worlds. We where able to take a short drive to all the action. Eat, drink, dance, walk, and then in the evening we had almost and entire hotel, pool and staff to ourselves. I had the best sleep ever.

Moral of the story? Follow your gut. You will likely find a lost soul that needs you to cross them over and you will also make new friends. Spirit always has the best in store for you. Often times even better than you knew to ask for.

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