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I Have This Friend Who Never Social Distances!!

Everyone knows the “close talker” and the worlds biggest hugger. These people never understood personal space even before our new “social distancing” culture. I ran into a friend at the grocery store last week. You could tell refraining from the hug was putting her in physical pain!! Can I be honest with you? I have never enjoyed hugging people. I mean if I am dating you or intimate with you I am down for a cuddle marathon. Hugging friends, family and co workers was really never my thing.

How do we better this issue without hurting the feelings of people we care for? Simple. Here are 3 easy responses. “Hey, so happy to see you!! I'm doing virtual hugs today. Not sure what Iv been exposed to today” This response is honest because really does anyone ever know what we have been exposed to? Here is another one. “Wow, so nice to be in your presence!! I am doing social distancing. I live with some people with risk factors” I would love to get together for social distancing lunch sometime. Call me” The response put the responsibility back on the hugger to follow up and brings awareness to vulnerable communities. This is probably my favorite one. “ I’m not hugging today, I don’t know if its allergies or plague?”

All these responses are totally and completely acceptable in this new social distancing culture. The best advice I can give anyone is to set the intention of giving off loving energy to everyone you meet. People will feel that so much more then a hug and that feeling will last all day. If you are reading this I am sending you virtual hugs and love that I hope will last day. Oh one more thing! Go have a cuddle marathon with your kids, pets and significant other tonight!

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