Immune Support- My Best Advice

So I talk to people all day about my favorite three topics. Food, love and money. Basically those are everyone's favorite topic. I do have a affinity for dinosaurs and Sci Fi.; in which I chat about with my closest people.

I will say the number one question of all time is about health. I have studied, sat in endless workshops and classes centered around this topic. How to ethically and safely coach people to more thriving lives.

Everyone is all about immunity and here is my number one advice. Have a awareness of your stress levels. Once you have an awareness of when your stress hormones are elevating you will be able to intentionally talk to your body and make appropriate adjustments. Tiny adjustments can create big victories.

Here are a few more tips. Eat veggies, cut out gluten and drink water. Your body will love you for these little actions.

Here are some ideas to avoid.

*Roller Coaster Anything. Cleanses, Dieting, Relationships, Etc.

*Aggressive Energy. TV, Music, Movies, all that counts.

*Comparing Yourself to others. - Never gets you anywhere.

Here are some tips.

*Live in this order. Self, Family, Community.

*Subconscious Reprograming

*Find a Supportive Community

*Music, Art, Flow

*Fresh Air

*Epsom Salt Foot or Full Baths

I hope this is empowering for you. Im offering Coaching Packages digital or in person. Reach out to me. Let's go get those dreams!!

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