Living In Ease

I have really pondered this lately. How can we live in ease when the world we knew really appears to be crumbling. We are creating new realities and everyone is learning new rules. Reminds me of middle school. Everyone is awkward and no one really knows what to do. So how can I live in ease and grace? Is this even appropriate? allowed? will I offend people if I turn stress hormones into ease hormones?

The answer is this. You will be a inspiration. Please for all the love that is old school breathe deeply, embrace life, try new things. Stop isolating. Participate in community the safest and best way you can. The world is getting a bit better everyday. The changes we have seen are here to stay. New ways of doing everything. I am giving you permission to find your new way of ease. Your happiness still is important and you still have a right to exist in a joyous state of being. This will heal the universe more then you will ever know. This will heal your family.

We will be finding out more information for years to come about the year 2020 and why and how all the trauma occurred. Years we will be learning new information. Your life is now. Zoom that loved one. Send some flowers, dance in your kitchen. Do what you can do now to engage happy hormones in your body, mind and soul.

Slowly change the routine, light the candles, wear the high heals. Start to understand that you are ok. You can be happy, you can be loved and you can live life. Call the crush from middle school!! Laugh at the awkwardness. We are all feeling it and that is ok.

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Happy Easing ,


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