Living In Grace

So my biggest memory of growing up was knowing the main goal in life was for me to be skinny and rich. Basically nothing else mattered. Make money look good whatever it takes. Ok ok, so obviously there where other unrealistic perfection goals along road of extreme expectations for one of us to escape the working class hell hole my parents created.

I say all that in love. I learned grace from all of the extraordinary adults spirit dropped in my life. I learned how to offer my food grace, my family grace, and myself grace. While putting together the pieces of my non social media documented adolescence I rely bad photography and my own memories.

So I am writing this to offer you the best advice I have to live in grace. Learn to laugh at yourself. We really are a bit over the top ridiculous. Understand that while everyone back then and now have one thing in common. They where and are doing the best they can.

So my challenge to you is that woman that gets on your nerves? Realign the energy by understanding she is doing the best she can. That is offering grace. Really its that simple.

So laugh at your law of attraction, celery juicing, yoga doing, organic vegan protect your energy at all costs self. Yup. Relax the shoulders take a deep sigh of relief and offer grace to yourself. Now go find someone else to offer the same.

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