Loving Your Community

Real talk. How do you love someone who looks, acts, and believes different from you? That is hard, cause of course they must be just wrong... Wrong with religion, politics, health choices, social choices; everything. Clearly most of the community different then me must be well; just wrong.

The above mentality is really the root of what the world is healing right now. How can we love people and yet not like them? We are always in a paradox with that.

I love humanity. Humans are messy and hilarious on really every level. The reality is we are all just doing the best we can. Here is what spirit told me about loving my community.

Empower people as much as possible. Educate people when they ask. Ask questions about their wellbeing. Basic foundational needs. Social, emotional, physical and psychological needs. Acknowledge and validate everyone as humans. Don't be so self righteous people are not allowed to be human.

Everyone that comes to me suffering I always ask spirit to give me instruction on how to empower them. I get various messages on how to do this. Listening and acting when spirit speaks is key to loving your community. I ask spirit that the I get the perfect clients and friends to empower and educate on a daily basis.

One last concept I want to leave you with. Laugh at yourself. Last weekend I laughed hard at myself and wow that felt good. Laugh at your own ridiculousness. This gives others permission to do the same.

This week show yourself, your family, and your

community how to love big, and while the world is so serious right now: we can still live, laugh, and love. Then we will begin to see a slow shift towards more love and healing.

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