Loving Yourself

How exactly do we love ourselves? Here is what I have discovered after many years of pondering this concept.

I find I love myself the most when I "stay in my lane"; staying in my own business, focusing on my own food, love and money. I have found staying laser focused on my goals allows me to empower and educate others with more ease and grace. For example if I am feeling empowered with my health and my business I am able to hold space and give love to my friends, family and clients.

I had a teacher tell me that once you fall in love with your story you have healed. Of course. I have traumas. When I get all victimized feeling I find a person and say " let me tell you this awesome story of how I rebuild myself " My goal is to love myself and my story to the point where others are inspired to make positive change.

Loving myself includes all of the things. Listening to my soul, pursuing my dreams, focusing more myself then others opinions, moving forward in celebratory ways, collaborating with like minded people, salt baths, donating things I no longer need, speaking my truth, asking for my wants and needs, self expression and embracing my past as victorious, and letting my light shine bright.

Overall I hope this inspires you. Please know that while the world is changing quickly we still and will always have the ability to love ourselves, our families and our communities in whatever way brings your soul happiness.

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