Maintain Your Elegance

Wow. I ponder the concept of elegance all the time. Like does this mean Im a pushover? Does this mean Im passive aggressive? How do I have elegance while holding boundaries and healthy relationships both on a personal and business level? How do I maintain elegance when faced with anxiety and stress? How do maintain elegance while speaking with someone with opposing views? 2020 sure has taught me these lessons and given me time to practice them. Here are my HYDF top five suggestions. I hope you find them both practical and inspirational and most importantly elegant.

  1. When putting foot in ones mouth just move forward. Let this go and do better. Sometimes I will say "Thank you for your patience" when in a awkward moment. This usually opens up the energy for all to be human.

  2. Always use the best in your resources. That goes for everything. Food, clothing, cars, all of it. Doing the best you can is highly respected. Ignoring your basic foundational needs to not elegant. This is the opposite of elegance.

  3. Pause and ask spirit to speak through you when having a difficult conversation. Ask spirit to make the conversation educational and empowering so everyone has growth. This is always the best method. Charging after someone with aggressive words dims everyone's lights.

  4. Give yourself and everyone space to be human. Over spirituality of any sort can easily cross the line into judgement. Allow everyone in your presence to feel safe and comfortable however you can.

  5. Listen to your intuition before you speak, move, plan, do anything. Your intuition comes directly from your God source. Trust the God source. Allow your intuition to move through you. This really does set you up for elegance and success.

I hope that this blog ignites a train of positive thoughts ending with new ideas and opening new soul adventures for you. Subscribe to my website for events, information and inspiration.

Virtual Hugs,


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