Managing Difficult Feelings

So I have been in the healing arts business for many years now. I have learned sooo much. My world is rich because of my choice to be in this industry full time. I love humanity. We are messy and glorious filled with unpredictable rage, beauty and emotion. I made the decision to fully embrace all of this in myself so that I may fully embrace my clients.

My goal is to create safe space for my clients to tell me anything so I can fully understand and assist them in whatever is on their hearts that day. I love that people tell me everything. All the messiness and gross stuff. I really want to hear it so that I can be a clear channel for them. I feel good when people tell me the truth and feel safe to share the truth. I then can express feelings of empathy and appreciation. This alone is incredibly healing. I may drink coffee and know and yet I'm still human and love feeling human.

Feelings are funny things. We can have like five feelings all at once. (or more) Feelings can be so hard to manage. The good feelings as well as the bad feelings. Many feelings at once become feelings of overwhelm. How do we best handle these moments. Here is my best advice.

  1. Visualize putting the breaks on. We can pause; that is allowed.

  2. Eat something. This grounds us and we can transmute feelings and energy easier.

  3. Call a friend. Friends are a must in life. Send a text, or a PM on social media. Even a friendly exchange gives hope and eases overwhelm, even if you cannot open up at the moment.

  4. Ask yourself and the universe "is there any action I can take right now?" If you get a yes then take the appropriate action. In the case in which nothing can be done we then can say "ok spirit then take it from here

  5. Know that time heals all things. Laughter helps to.

  6. Reach out for assistance from whomever you feel guided to.

  7. Remind yourself that if you are having hard to manage feelings other people are as well. Engage in community.

  8. Love Wins. Every time.

  9. Write down everything you have overcome

  10. Go to a fun class. Yoga, art, painting. Whatever your thing is.

I hope this inspires you and that you find your path of love and laughter.

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