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Managing Emotions

Emotions are beautiful and messy and awkward. They also come over us all day for various different reasons. Happiness can even be a hard one to manage. Like how happy are we allowed to be? Do I have the right to be happy and joyful? Should I dim my happiness down? Sadness, grief, anger, rage, all of these go on social media? How do we sort all these out in our heads and hearts? Navigating and managing emotions can be difficult enough and adding in our families, jobs and other responsibilities and make this nearly impossible. So we just store these emotions in our bodies till they create illness? Ummm. that's a hard no.

As seekers and creators we must learn how to self-regulate, self-nurture, and self-coach. Our most difficult concept I have found is regulating emotions. The divine feminine can be full of fierce rage and sadness like no other creature on this earth experiences. We also have joy and bliss like no other creature. That intense.

My best advice to give you? Here it is. Use all your modalities. Journal, see healers, talk it out, exercise, meditate, enjoy life in any way you can. Engage in community. Connection with community shows us how the same we really are and helps us to see that most issues are totally manageable with tools and friendships. Embrace the emotions with zero guilt. Its ok to have emotions. The guilt and shame behind difficult emotions exasperates the entire situation. Acknowledging and embracing takes most of the power away. Its ok to be angry, its ok not to love every single person. Its okay to make space for yourself. Its ok to use your voice. Loudly. Its ok to be you in every sense of the world. Feel the emotions, let them go. Now go build your empire. Whatever your past was your future is waiting for you to pursue those dreams.

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