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Managing Family

This is probably the one topic I get asked about the most. Well, romance is first, second question is "what the heck is going on with my family?" I thought how appropriate to blog about on Easter weekend.

Every topic is 2 topics. Our current family life and our family life growing up. We are constantly integrating and processing both. Oh those family holidays growing up. The dresses, the food, the exhaustion and the pollen. Southern Easters. The baskets my mom put together so intricately; I'm still getting dental work done from those days. I love those memories.

Most everyone waivers in between I had a wonderful upbringing and I love my family to life was horrible and I need therapy. Here is what I have learned. Most people do this; and that is ok.

Here are 5 tips to manage family

1. Take nothing personally. If you are stressed about family issues others are as well.

2. Only do things that bring you joy

3. You are not going to be perfect. Neither is your family. Embrace the chaos.

4. Family is meant to remind of where you came from; we all need that sometimes.

5. Be in allowance of miracles.

I hope this blog has inspired you somehow.

Happy Healing,


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