Managing Friendships

What actually defines a friend? I love all my friends like family. I really do. I personally believe that friendships are way more important with family. That is my truth. Family that are friends as well are unicorns. Celebrate those people and set the intention that you are one.

I have friends that I never see, some I see, some I talk to to daily, some rarely. I have friends that are business based, party based, and spiritually based. Each one offers a important energy exchange for me.

So what happens when all of the sudden a friend falls off my vibrational alignment? I look at myself. I look at vibrationally did I fall out of their lives or did they fall out of mine?

One thing I always do is keep the door open for them to come back. Be open to apologies, be open and know that no one has this human being gig down. We all are navigating uncharted seas the best we can. I always hold space. I have had people I never expected walk away and walk back in. Keeping doors open leaves room for miracle.

Reach out and check on your friends. Make friends that are different than you. Make friendships a priority. Dance with them, laugh with them, exchange silly gifts.

Here is the advice for all relationships. Listen up. Stop focusing on flaws. Sure we all of stuff we are in progress with. That is called being human. Focus on the beauty of life.

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