Managing Health

What is exactly managing health and how do I do this? We all are navigating these waters together. Here is the best advice I can give you on that. Your intuition is your first and best resource. Your body always tells you what you need. My 2nd piece of advice is that you should see a variety of healers, mix eastern and western medicine. Use all the tools the universe is offering. My most epic radical advice to you is this. Live life in this order. Self first, family second, community third.

Living in this manner really settles down stress levels, anxiety, and impulse control issues. Giving yourself permission to go against the old paradigm to put others first and be selfless is the key to managing healthy. How can you manage any part of life if you are walking around selfless? Literally people walk around not even knowing who they are.

Empowering yourself to rest, research, and get the assistance you need via various healers and physicians will open you up to truly impact your family and your communities in amazing ways beyond your wildest dreams. Take the time to find out exactly what supplements your body needs. Take the time to find out exactly what diet your body responds to the best. Take the time to talk to someone. If not myself find a safe person to process life with. That is okay.

We all need to talk sometimes.

Take the time for you. This is the key to managing health.

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