My Life On Drugs

Those that are in my age range and went to Georgia public schools will remember this; the school system actually showed us what drugs looked like!! I had never even heard of a drug until my elementary school terrified me following the "war on drugs" and the " Just Say No" propaganda. They even showed us the needle and rubber band!! To this day what was I saying no too? Was it drugs? Sex? Food? Probably all 3 applied to me.

I did say no to drugs, most of the time. Except when my parents where dispensing Ritalin, pain pills, antibiotics and antidepressants to me. I was so young, my brain was still developing. I have spent so much of my adult life rewiring and asking spirit to give me more access to my brain.

Now, my parents where middle class parents who really just blindly followed orders.

Really I do believe that they had no ill intention; only unawareness. Pills where always laying around my house. I had a kidney stone when I was around 20 years old; my good hearted mom shared her pills with me. I threw up and slept so long I heard my sister standing outside my door asking my parents "how long I had been passed out?" The next thing I know is she is pulling me up trying to get soup down me. I guess when you pass out you are not in pain. So whatever that pill was worked.

Here is the moral of those stories. Please understand what a drug is. Weed, Caffeine, sugar, over the counter, and all prescriptions are drugs. Really think about the ingredients that you are putting in your body. Take back your power over your own body. Make clear conscious choices that nurture your mind, body and soul if when you are going against the grain.

Now is every drug bad? Absolutely not. A little herb medicine is good for most people, I love my coffee, and I would take the meds if I where ill. I also use all my holistic tools, follow my guidance and I am consistently seeking education on wellness and nutrition. Now I love that I grew up the way I did. This is one of my strengths and what makes me psychic. I have learned to laugh at myself and I love sharing my stories of growing up middle class in Atlanta.

My advice to you is read and think about everything you take. Really meditate on what's good for your body and know that you have more choice in life than you think you do.

Iv seen the actual grid and have seen how fragile our earth is and all of humanity. I have seen that really only loves matter and realized we really have no clue about love. More on that later.

I hope to see you all soon so that we can ponder life together!!

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