Nature Spirits

I have probably spent more time in the woods than most 40 something people. I really commit to experiencing fully all life has to offer. My parents raised us fearless. Of course that's sort of a side effect of 80s kids. We ran around throwing caution out the window with no cell phones, google or social media. I am so thrilled I experienced that time in human history.

I believe that being outside really had a positive impact on developing my intuition. I love taking nature pics, star gazing and sun bathing!! Did you know spirit gives us tons of information via nature? The sky, the grass, the animals and the flowers send us all daily inspiration. The earth herself is a living being giving daily readings to everyone who listens.

Here are five easy ways to bring nature spirits in your space.

  1. Soft lights

  2. Soft sounds

  3. Open doors and windows

  4. Allow light to shine in

  5. Leave offerings in your space ( fairy dust, flowers, candy, marbles or shiny items)

These are just a few ideas to facilitate nature and positive vibes in and around your space. Creating intentional positive space can change your life for the better. Acknowledging and inviting in positive nature spirits will enhance your intuition and level up your goal pace.

Share if you feel guided and inspired!!


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