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Resiliency is HYDF

Yall, Iv been thinking so much about resiliency lately. How do I create a resilient community? When I asked spirit responded, "become the foundation". I pondered and pondered this. How do I become the foundation? Well. this morning on my 285 drive spirit quickly reminded me that I am a gen xer. I am already my own foundation and HYDF is already filled with courageous resilient women.

When I think about obstacles I just go back and activate the 17 year old girl who kicked challenges in the a*** with her combat boots. Im still at it and honestly still love my flannel and combat boots. When I hear a 90s song in the grocery store the party is on!!! I love when spirit reminds me of the changes I have seen in the world.

Those of us of a certain age have witnessed internet, cell phones, debit cards, social media, and a ton more beautiful world changes that have enhanced our abilities to express the tree Es;. Entrepreneurship, Elegance, and Empowerment.

We all dated through the discovery and treatment of HIV, we have witnessed our country be somber with tear and wars and innocent deaths all while we where creating our careers. We watched our country triumph over the September 11 towers all while maintaining confidence in ourselves, our county, our bodies, and our intuition.

So ladies, we got this. Together. We will gather in safe ways: holding sacred space for one another aw we build resiliency.

Harnessing Your Divine Feminine is here to stay. We are a resilient community of courageous women. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Here are some affirmations

  • I am resilient

  • I make decisions to honor my body

  • I listen to my intuition

  • Dis-ease leaves my body with grace and ease

  • I give myself permission to be happy

  • Im leaving a legacy of empowerment, entrepreneurship and elegance.

  • I raise above dis-ease into gratitude and ease

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