Self Care Ideas

My favorite, affordable, practical self care techniques for thriving. These are just a few. I hope these little techniques inspire you.

  1. Live life in this order. Self, Family, and Community. This give balance.

  2. Have a cash stash that only you are aware of. This give peace of mind.

  3. Start asking for what you need and want. Universe and people. This uses your voice and starts the law of attraction.

  4. Throw away clothes with holes. This is about self worth.

  5. Sit down to eat and enjoy your food. Again about self worth.

  6. Girl time once a week, however you can. This produces serotonin in your brain.

  7. Disengage with love from those who stress you out.

  8. Make time for yourself. This clears your head.

  9. Practice your intuition. This empowers you.

  10. Eat and drink out of glass. Stop the plastic. This raises your overall vibe.

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