Shining Our Light

There is no direct path to success. The movie industry wants our stories to have a beginning, end, and 4 to 5 pivotal turning points. That's simply a myth. The truth is the path to success if filled with twists and turn and countless little pivotal moments that add up to one pivotal moment in your life. The moment you realize your souls purpose and that you have completed it.

The truth is no one is going with you; where you are going. There will be several people there though when you show up. You job is just to show up. Every time you follow your heart and intuition you are showing up. We must fully show up for our lives to even begin to live. We must jump in the water just as our ancestors did. We must swim the ocean, we must see the world. We owe it to our ancestors who paved the way for us.

We should never dim our light for anyone else. This only hurts us. It exhausts our spirits to have to dim our light all the time. Even when it blinds others we must save ourselves and let the light expand through the universe. Because we have the responsibility to the to do so. Together can we save the planet from otherwise threatening creatures; Who wish to slow our progress as a species.

Collectively we can all shine our light and heal the universe.

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