So this is so vulnerable for me.

Here is the old me. I hardly recognize that person. I have rebuilt myself throughout the years and I give every woman the opportunity to do the same. You see at my most unhealthy I was battling migraines, asthma and like everything else that comes with obesity on a mind, body and spirit level. I was always exhausted and irritable. I always felt lost.. the struggle was real. Medicine is expensive. I was quickly declining and becoming addicted to anything that would numb me out.

I cringe every time this pic shows up in my feed.

How did I regain myself? I dove into self love. Falling in love with my own soul so much that I began to recognize overeating and undereating are forms of self abuse. I followed my spiritual teachers and slowly began to feel and understand again. I have developed programs especially for women to regain themselves so they can better take care of themselves, families and communities.

Last week I was feeling down again. Spirit said " you are surrounded by strong women Andrea". Every day I am faced head on with strong women gently guiding me, making suggestions and patiently waiting for me to do better. Thanks to them I am that woman for each of you, offering you opportunities to grow and heal.

I hope to see you all soon and I hope you fall in love with yourself and your journey.

When you give a woman an opportunity you are giving her the world. My goal is to give women all over the world opportunities .

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