The Number 1 Reason Relationships End

So if you know me you know I'm a Pisces and for ultimate authenticity of this blog I will share that I am on my 3rd relationship. I am 40sih. My fellow Pieces reassures me that its okay that I'm on my 3rd relationship. Apparently this is a Pisces trait? Maybe? Who knows? I'm certainly not God. I'm goddess for sure; in progress with many others.

So recently spirit shared with me that the reason most relationships end is because one of the people or both become unapproachable and difficult to communicate with. I have been pondering on this concept for about a week now. I have come to the conclusion that Spirit it right!! Imagine that.

My advice to all of you reading this and my new relationship goal is to always ensure that I am totally easy to talk to about anything. Clients certainly tell me everything and anything and I love that you all trust me and are totally authentic to me. I want to hear the gross, the ugly, and the poop. I want to hear it all. The celebrations. The stories of epic tragedy and triumph. Many clients end the session with 'I love you". I say " I love you too" just like I where speaking with friends or family. The fact is that my clients share more with me then they do with friends and family.

I adore all my clients and students. I really love them back. Like for real. I love my work and I want to assist in co creating beautiful lives with my clients. And how do I do that? I start with listening to spirit, applying the advice to my life and sharing the advice with you.

So shift that energy. Be a listener to your significant other. Give them the gift of friendship and confidence allowing them to feel they can tell you absolutely every thought, feeling, memory, and opinion in their lives. Watch how that invisible space between the both of you starts to shrink and watch how emotionally fulfilled you both become. Watch your significant other begin to shine as your relationship gains trust and confidence.

So enjoy the presence of your significant other this weekend. Happiest of Memorial Day weekend to all. Im always here for all of you. Just reach out!

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