The Real 411 on Radical Self Care

Updated: May 21, 2020

What is radical self care? We see and hear this concept all the time. Here is what I channeled.

Truth seeking and truth acceptance about yourself and your situation. Well that sounds scary!! How can we manifest if we are not clear about where we are with our goals? How do we accept and think clearly?

Sleep Sleep Sleep. Our brains will just fire better when well rested. When we are embracing our situations without judgement and are well rested then we can get to know who we really are.

Who are our ancestors? What is our true potential? Ponder these concepts and make bigger better life plans and goals. Knowing your truth. What is your truth? How can use this to heal yourself and others?

Setting boundaries that uphold the integrity of who you are and your truth. Sounds fun. Everyone loves setting boundaries!! Not! The truth is when you know who you are this comes naturally.

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition. See a healer or coach who can assist you in figuring out what foods your body loves, and what foods you should probably dump.

Begin a stretching, breathing, and or yoga routine you that is realistic for your life. Love it or dump it. Exercise should be relaxing and meditative.

Allow yourself time. This is, in fact, the most valuable resource you have. Savor every moment.

Organize your head and heart whatever way you can. Scattered energy wastes time. When our heads and our hearts are blurry this increases scattered energy which is out of alignment with goal setting and dreams.

Self expression is a huge part of self care. Express yourself on a mind, body and spirit level. This step is a necessity, not a luxury.

Finding wholeness in yourself is the outcome of radical self care. You have the ability to be a whole person entirely on your own, even with holes in your heart.

Radical self is is just that. Radical. Radically fall in love with yourself. Radically chase your dreams. Eat life like a piece of cake and remember "when you give a woman and opportunity you are giving her the world."

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