Wellness 101

Wellness, is perhaps our greatest legacy. Yes wellness of our  mind,

body and soul is the number one asset we can pass down in our physical

and spiritual family trees. Having a strong immune system in the

number one tool we use to gain wealth and happiness. Our medical

system has failed us tragically. Physicians treating patients with

zero knowledge or nutrition or spirituality. Every day I talk to

clients asking me about health and wellness. I love that I can educate

people about how to take care of themselves. Here are the top 5 tips I

have maintaining a strong immune system. 1. Get adequate sleep 2.

Avoid all fast-food and begin cutting chemicals 3.Stretch every hour.

4. find a spiritual healer you feel good with 5. Avoid tap water at

all costs. Putting your health first is everything in life. To really

manifest your dreams spirit wants you to have a smooth driving car to

create in. How can be pull up to our six figure jobs in a 2 figure

vehicle? The energy would be soooo out of alignment!! The key to

wellness is slow and steady. Start by eliminating one toxic food or

habit. Maintain that for a few months. Then try eliminating something

else. What is the one mistake I see people make? Getting overwhelmed

and wanting to change everything over night and then binging on

toxins. This puts your body on a really intense roller coaster. Please

avoid that. Start slow and build on that. You are only in competition

with yourself. Offer yourself a solid practical foundation for health

and wellness. Weight loss will follow if you remove expectations and

allow your body to level out. Food takes about 90 to 120 days to

completely leave your body. Mark your calendar and see how you feel at

the end of the 4 months. I am sure you will be like, oh I can touch my

toes easier, or I have less migraines or indigestion. Monitoring your

aches and pains and even mood levels give you so much insight to your

health that can empower healers and physicians to better treat you.

Release fear around virus's of all sorts, refuse to accept them in

your energy field or in your household. Know that you really do have so

much empowerment with own your immune system then the medical world does not

tell us. Fill your headspace with creating your own legacy of

wellness and you will thrive on a mind, body and spirit level. Thank

you for reading this. Wellness and Life coaching packages now

available in the class reservation section of or call The Inner Space at 404 252 4540 to ask questions, speak directly to Andrea and reserve your spot.

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