What Is Normal?

Sensitive people are often referred to as atypical as children. The reality is that we have access to more parts of our brain then others less sensitive. I feel everything on an intense level. Right in the heart chakra. You know what? That is normal. Humans are made to feel, to see, and to thrive. That is normal.

Now I love telling you my stories of triumph. This is my story of triumph and my wish is that you are inspired to keep going and growing.

I was a rather odd child. Rarely in my body always zoned out completely. (shocking I know) lol. I was tested for everything and finally labeled as learning disabled after ruling out all sorts of aliments. I was in one class every day for learning disabled gets. Just math. After ruling out all other issues my weakness was math so clearing I should be put in a special education class. I survived and found ways to thrive in other classes. All of my other classes where with the "normal" kids; in which I did well in. I found ways to express myself creatively and never ever did I take on the stigma or the identity of disabled in any way.

After high school my mom wanted me to apply for disability. She really had no idea what to do with me and really had few resources to reference. I remember being interviewed for disability and telling the lady I was bad in M

ath. She said Math is your disability? The lady almost laughed and honestly about kicked us out of the office. I went on to support myself fully, build several businesses and graduate college. I identified as myself fully. I identified as my normal; without judging or attempting to be someone else's normal.

Here is a list of what I consider normal.

*Being sensitive


*Self Expression

*Following Your Heart

*Loving Freely


I could go on and on.

I hope this inspires you and others. Feel free to share.


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