What Is Really Happening In The World?

Every client and student asks me what is actually happening in our world right now? Well, so many shifts at once. I do believe this is so connected to past lives; some of us probably defeated the plague in a past life. Some of us its totally geographical, some of us its totally medical.

I do believe that some people come from a galaxy or past life of some sort where immune systems where not required or needed to their body systems. Some people carried that energy over into this life. We never know what we bring over. We have a energetic DNA and physical DNA. All of this plays a role in our life.

Atlanta is not really taken down by much. Like some states, Atlanta just doesn't ever get hit with extreme anything; while others get constant disasters. These are concepts to ponder. I had a very wise teacher tell me to question everything. I have always remembered that.

I am here to help you build your health, your immune systems and your empires.



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