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What is Too Much?

Our inner light is the most important asset we have. The brighter we shine the better. Shine the light as bright as possible. No holding back. Really life is truly too short to spend one second diming our light and holding ourselves back in any way at all.

Really can we be too happy? Too healthy? Too smart? Too successful? Too sexy? Really no. Can we be intimidating to others? Scary? Yes. Here is the real deal. If you feel that you are just "too much" for some people you are actually expanding their consciousness. You are making their minds ponder can I do that? Is that much happiness a possibility for me?

Here is the secret. Even when you feel judged or "too much" you are inspiring people. Remember to tell your story bravely and loudly. You will inspire others. Even when you are doing you. Growing, learning, laughing, crying, finding solutions, everything really; you are inspiring others.

Keep being "too much". I love your "too much".

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