What's Is Your 2021 Vision?

I never really enjoyed resolutions. Like being skinny and all of the sudden super successful by Jan 2nd cause you decided to drink more water or join a gym. Change simply takes time. Little self love habits over time create better versions of ourselves. In fact the most profound changes we make are simply never noticed by our families or co workers.

Here are my top 5 for creating a Vision for 2021

  1. Make sure you want it. Not your family, society, or anyone else. You.

  2. A bunch of small shifts creates big shifts.

  3. Affirm you success every day

  4. Make positive changes and expand your vision for you and only you.

  5. Take care of yourself, family and community. In that order.

So if you hold your vision close to your heart and slowly create a more positive mindset all these goals will start to come to you in magical ways.

Everyone can create something better around them. The spiritually immature woman thinks they are the exception. Like the rules are different for them. The spiritually wise woman knows we are all the same. So I am here for you all with no judgement knowing that really we are all the same.

Happy Vision Creating.


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