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Winter Eating

Everyone talking about quarantine 15 is making me laugh. I love all my clients, students, and friends. On average the average weight gain for each person has been about 15 lbs. according to statistics. I am so looking forward to curves on the beach this summer. Yay. I'm encouraging everyone to embrace those well earned pandemic curves. Stress is the number one reason for weight gain and honestly even the most well meditated of us felt the impact of 2020 stress levels.

Eating for the season is just is very important when enduring high levels of stress. This tells the body you are in harmony with the earth. Even small adjustments slowly bring your stress levels down. We are in the tail end of Winter, and we are still swimming how to navigate these new beginnings. So lets get back to basics. Seasonal eating.

Breakfast should include warm foods that nurture the soul. Low sugar oatmeal. Warm coffee or tea. Toast, avocado, nuts and grains. Warm proteins, low sugar is the goal. As we ease into Spring we begin to incorporate cooler lighter foods. Fruits, smoothies, etc... The seasons do affect our metabolism and the way our bodies use the fuel we give ourselves.

Proper nutrition tells our subconscious we are ready for those dreams. I like to say I'm activating my vision board with every act of self love and care I give myself. I encourage you to continue the journey of finding your wellness recipe, as the recipe is different for everyone.

Wellness, is perhaps; our greatest legacy.

As always I'm here for each of you.


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