Come join us at The Hearn Inn, a historic bed and breakfast. The Inn is located in beautiful Cave Springs, GA. on Rolator Park. The total price for workshops, lodging a meal is all inclusive. 350$. A 50$ deposit saves your spot.  Pre registration is essential for social distancing purposes.
The Hearn Inn
  13 Cedartown St. 
       Cave Springs, GA 30124
The Inner Space, a Atlanta based metaphysical bookstore sponsors us by handling the registration processes. The easiest way to reserve your spot is by calling them at 404 252 4540. The staff therewill be happy to assist you. 

Rotunda Gorman; LCSW, Addiction Specialist


Anna McCague; CYT, Healer, Intuitive

Glenda Emory; Master Alchemist, Coach

Teresa Wilson; HP, Author, Master Healer


Our presenters are on the left. Click on their pic to visit their websites and learn more about these wonderful metaphysicians.

Friday Afternoon/Evening November 12th 2021

3:00 pm – Check-in

6:00 pm - 7 pm – Relax, get acclimated, Art table available
7:00 pm - 8pm – Dinner, and a word from Andrea

8pm - 9:00 pm – Peer Support Group Introductions

Saturday November 13th 2021 

8am Restorative Yoga for All Bodies- Chairs Welcome

9am- Breakfast

10am-Creating Your Wellness Umbrella


Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Yourselves & Others.

Saturday Afternoon/Evening

1:30pm -3pm Empaths & Manifestations

3pm- Maintaining Sanity in Chaos

4pm- Intuitive Panel. Ask Us Anything

6pm- Dinner

8pm Fire Pit Ceremony

November 14th - Departure Day

8:30 am - 9:30 am – Music and Sound Yoga
8:30 am -9:30 am – Breakfast
11:00 am – Check-out