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Harnessing Your Divine Feminine is based on the concept of giving women opportunities. When you give a woman an opportunity you are giving her the world. We give opportunities for women to grow in entrepreneurship, elegance, & empowerment. Retreats, workshops, classes, small groups, and wellness initiatives continue to grow us. 


Andrea Bagby is a creative visionary, founder and director of Harnessing Your Divine Feminine, yoga Instructor, renowned psychic healer, public speaker, and published author. Andrea shares her stories, advice, and predictions with a humorous look at lifestyle, metaphysics, and spirituality. She has been instrumental in assisting women in becoming the best expression of their highest self. Andrea has empowered women in all walks of life; housewives, mothers, businesswomen, and spiritual leaders in every major religion, and philanthropist.

Andrea is available for corporate and spiritual events via The Inner Space. Call 404 252 4540 for serious media and event inquires. 

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